Founded in 2008, Neleus has quickly become an energetic and innovative brand committed to providing price-friendly, high-quality activewear. With a unique design concept that emphasizes comfort, functionality, and style, we’ve gained a passionate following among fitness enthusiasts around the world.

At Neleus, technological quality is our top priority. We use moisture-wicking polyester fabric that keeps skin dry and comfortable during any type of workout or sport. Strategic mesh paneling allows for maximum breathability and ventilation. Our athletic wear also provides UV protection to safeguard your skin.

Every product we create is focused on delivering a natural, high-performance fit. The ergonomic seams and stretch fabric move flawlessly with your body without restricting mobility. Whether you’re lifting weights, running outdoors, practicing yoga, playing sports, or training at the gym, Neleus gear gives you the lightweight comfort and support you need.

Driven by our motto “Innovation ∙ High-efficiency ∙ Health”, we continuously evolve both our fabrics and fits. We want to keep fueling your active lifestyle with the most cutting-edge, affordable athletic apparel. Discover the Neleus difference today.