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Since 2008

At Neleus, we believe that activewear should enhance your performance, not limit it. That’s why we are constantly pushing the boundaries of athletic apparel design through cutting-edge fabrics, inventive construction, and a rigorous commitment to quality. Our mission is to craft high-performance gear that helps you train harder, move better, and go further than you ever imagined.

Engineered for Peak Performance We live and breathe innovation at Neleus, meticulously engineering every garment to meet the demanding needs of elite athletes. Our signature “Vapor-Thru” technology features ultralight, moisture-wicking fabrics that rapidly evaporate sweat and excess heat. Strategic mesh paneling increases airflow and ventilation where you need it most.

Our friction-reducing flat seam construction eliminates chafing and unwanted rubbing. Subtle features like double-reinforced high-abrasion zones, stay-put waistbands, and discreet zip pockets are strategically placed to maximize your comfort and mobility during high-intensity training.

Sculpting Performance Silhouettes Neleus activewear is designed to accentuate the body’s natural movement, not restrict it. Our cutting-edge patterns and contoured fits sculpt a streamlined, flexed silhouette that stays in place through every explosive rep and powerful stride. Stretch-woven fabrics expand multi-directionally to enable full range of motion.

For both men and women, we offer compressive and semi-fitted options, ranging from our signature second-skin shaping leggings to ultra-sleek racerback tanks. Our motocross-inspired fitted shorts feature a vented inseam gusset to prevent riding up. With acute attention to ergonomic detailing, we’ve created apparel that works as hard as you do.

Unparalleled Fabric Innovation At the heart of Neleus’ activewear philosophy is our continuous exploration of technical fabric engineering. Our R&D team leaves no fiber unexplored in the pursuit of increased durability, temperature regulation, flexibility and breathability.

Our exclusive “Flex-Poly” polyers are ultra-lightweight yet incredibly strong and abrasion-resistant. For maximum compression and muscle support, we incorporate elastane and spandex. We also harness the natural performance properties of sustainable fabrics like bamboo, merino wool and ice cotton to create hybrid “smart” textiles.

Our apparel is finished with cutting-edge wicking treatments, UV protection, anti-odor technologies, and water/wind resistant coatings. From our chlorine-neutralizing swimwear to our thermo-regulating base layers, Neleus is shaping the future of activewear.

Train Everywhere. Train Neleus. Born in the Pacific Northwest, Neleus was founded by a team of athletes, scientists and textile engineers united by a shared passion for peak performance. Our apparel is designed to withstand the harshest elements, from pounding rainstorms to freezing alpine climates.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, avid gym-goer, outdoor adventurer or simply strive to live an active lifestyle, Neleus has you covered with durable, high-performance activewear that elevates your game. Join the Relentless movement and experience why Neleus is the ultimate badge of honor for those who never stop pushing their limits.


Move easily

Ideal for physical activity, from gym sessions to bodybuilding, running to general fitness


The ergonomic seams and stretchy fabric create a comfortable, natural fit.


The moisture wicking fabric rapidly evaporates sweat to keep you dry. The design allows maximum airflow across your skin.

Why Neleus

Founded in 2008, Neleus has quickly become an energetic and innovative brand committed to providing price-friendly, high-quality activewear. With a unique design concept that emphasizes comfort, functionality, and style, we’ve gained a passionate following among fitness enthusiasts around the world.

At Neleus, technological quality is our top priority. We use moisture-wicking polyester fabric that keeps skin dry and comfortable during any type of workout or sport. Strategic mesh paneling allows for maximum breathability and ventilation. Our athletic wear also provides UV protection to safeguard your skin.

Every product we create is focused on delivering a natural, high-performance fit. The ergonomic seams and stretch fabric move flawlessly with your body without restricting mobility. Whether you’re lifting weights, running outdoors, practicing yoga, playing sports, or training at the gym, Neleus gear gives you the lightweight comfort and support you need.


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